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    Order designer personal checks online featuring Airplanes designs.

    Oshkosh Spirit of St. Louis Personal Checks

    Charles Lindbergh flew the Spirit of St. Louis for his solo transatlantic flight from New York to Paris in 1927.

    Oshkosh Plans Built RV-3 Personal Checks

    The best all around single-seat airplane kit, the RV-3 is known for its light, swift and agile characteristics.

    Oshkosh Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser Personal Checks

    In 1947 the Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser became the first light personal aircraft to circle the globe.

    Oshkosh Lancair 320 Personal Checks

    A chip off the block of the revolutionary Lancair 200, which established extraordinary technological advances in the performance, freedom and satisfaction of piston-engine craft, the Lancair 320 proved a worthy successor due to its speed and stability.

    Oshkosh Great Lakes 2T-1A J Personal Checks

    Created in the late 1920s and reproduced with slight variations in the 1970s, Great Lakes 2T-1A aircraft are constructed of tube and fabric with spruce wing spars.

    Oshkosh Cunningham-Hall PT-6F Personal Checks

    A biplane produced just prior to the Great Depression, the Cunningham-Hall PT-6 was used for transporting cargo.

    Ercoupe Airplanes Personal Checks

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    American Airlines Personal Checks

    With American Airlines�, Something Special is in the Air�. With American Airlines checks, you can have something special in your checkbook with checks featuring photographs of American Airlines' aircraft.

    Air Force AF-10 Warthog Personal Checks

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